The long way home…

I spotted this young girl on the way home from work the other night. What stood out for me was not only how young she was, but the age of her style. When I was 14/15, fashion never seemed to influence me too much – I think in todays society, children/teens are dressing much older than they’re age, influenced by the media and other advertising campaigns which are constantly surrounding us, either by television, magazines e.t.c. This type of advertising has been a controversial argument for a while now, as companies have been using younger and younger models to advertise their products. 

Back to the subject, I did love what she was wearing. Mint green is very on trend colour this season alongside statement jewellery, and combined with a shirt and  knee length skirt, this outfit was cute, cuddly and sophisticated all wrapped in one. ImageImageImageg


Double Trouble.

When I first spotted this lovely lady, I thought it was Jessie J!

Not only was this the reason this style stood out for me, but black and white is a timeless colour combination that appears year in and year out of the trends. Hoop earrings are extremely popular at the moment, and the vertical striped leggings are always a great way to give the impression of slimmer legs. The sportswear style has also been popular over the summer holidays, but is a trend that can be worn again and again, keeping an outfit casual and stylish.

I wonder where she got her style inspiration from?!

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Celebrities are often used to endorse products, due to their constant appearances in the media. This is one example of how celebrity fashion inspires the public to take ideas and make them personal to the individual.

Fabulous fashionista

I spotted this lovely woman along Oxford Street – unfortunately I didn’t catch her name, she was Russian and couldn’t speak any English!

What stood out for me was that this is one of the many 50+ men and women who are still extremely stylish. These type of men and women are becoming an inspiration to the younger generation – evidence that even as one gets older, style doesn’t have to age.  ( Check out fabulous fashionistas – an amazing documentary about some extremely inspiring women)

I loved the rustic element. The different aspects of the outfit to match, with the pattern on her hat matching her coat, and the colours all co-ordinating. I loved her scarf – an oversize scarf with faux fur pom poms was an exceptionally chic accessory to what could have been quite an eclectic look.


Follow the yellow brick road…

Well, maybe not yellow brick. More wet, grey and splattered with chewing gum – definately not your usual depiction of skipping along a Wizard of Oz-esque fairytale land. Instead, this was Brick Lane. On a cold. Rainy. Miserable day. It wasn’t until a while down the (what seemed like 100,000  mile long) road that a ray of sunshine peeped from the dismal streets…A vintage shop – with a cafe (the only thing I was really looking out for…)

It was here that I met my third favourite street styler, Tamzin. What drew me to Tamzin was her mix and match outfit. What could have been a styled as a girly outfit was transformed to a look with a tomboyish feel. The combination of dungarees and converse add an element of “childhood” to the outfit, with the shirt adding a sense of “adult” to the look. The make up and hairstyle contributes to the more adult side of the look, with a rebellious edge.

Again, I feel that Vintage style is definately returning to the high streets…I’ll be interested to see if any more styles like this appear!




Glitter Glasses and Faux Fur

What stood out for me about Issy’s style was her take on trends at the moment, sporting an oversized fur coat and tartan skirt. All her items were bought in Camden – she loves the busy, vibrant atmosphere, where everybody has a unique take on styles of their own. She was extremely shy – and shocked that I asked her if I could photograph her! Her glasses and suitcase also stood out for me, as well as the laces on her shoes (apparently because she wanted to “jazz” them up a bit – plain black was just a bit boring!).
Looking at street style recently, many people seem to be merging into a “vintage” style-or at least incorperating vintage into their wardrobes, whether it be as predominant as a coat or as simple as a scarf. Vintage shops offer a unique, individual style at affordable prices – a trait that appeals to many young men and women at the moment.

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I want that…

Meet Chanelle.

Some fun facts –  She’s an illustrator who loves reading and tropical birds…

I snapped her outside ZARA on regent street. I love the combination of this look – quirky, cute, simplistic. She was completely adorable! Her coat was a present from her mum so unfortunately didn’t know where it was from.The jumper was from french connection and the shirt was lent from a friend. She bought her leather skirt from


If you like Chanelles look, heres how you can get a similar one! 

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 18.20.07

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

My first street style post!

I spotted Sam along the promenade at Bournemouth beach and loved the outfit she was wearing! The printed, straight leg trousers are exactly on trend at the moment, and paired with a simple, short-sleeved turtle neck and rounded glasses this style is one of my favourites I have seen. I also loved the sandles, bought at topshop.

Sam does textiles at The Arts University in Bournemouth and has a cat called Picasso – how cute!